The interwar years proved to be challenging times along the River Tees with unstable economic conditions bringing closures and conflict in the area’s industries. Despite this, extensive investment was underway at Dents Wharf.

Above: No.1 Berth at Dent’s Wharf following significant investment in the quay and new cranes in 1926 (Source: T.Roddam Dent post-war booklet, 1958)
Above: View of Yard and Quay, Dent's Wharf c.1920s (Source: Middlesbrough Libraries)
Above: View of Dent's Wharf from the River Tees, c.1930s (Source: Middlesbrough Libraries)

Despite the unstable economic climate, numerous improvements were carried out at Dent’s Wharf during the interwar decades. In 1926 a new berth was added to the river frontage, the quay was re-piled and strengthened, three new cranes were installed and a modern transit shed built on the river side for direct shipment from vessel to shed. The site now included 1,000 feet of river frontage, seven large warehouses and rail sidings.

One of the major developments on the Tees during the era was the construction of the Tees Newport Bridge upstream from the Tees Transporter Bridge. Builit by Dorman Long using mainly local labourers, the construction of the largest vertical lift bridge of its type in the world provided much-needed employment opportunities and became a vital new link for the developing chemical industries on the north bank of the Tees. The landmark was officially opened on 28 February 1934 by the Duke and Duchess of York with thousands of people lining the streets of Middlesbrough to catch a glimpse of the Royal couple.


Did you know?

The quay extension works at Dent’s Wharf increased its river frontage to 1,000 feet.

Above: The Tees Newport Bridge (Source: Teesside Archives)
Above: The Tees Newport Bridge (Source: Teesside Archives)

Did you know?

The Tees (Newport) Bridge was opened in February 1934 and was the largest vertical lift bridge of its type in the world.

Above: Prince Albert, HRH Duke of York opens the Tees Newport Bridge in February 1934 (Teesside Archives)
Above: Tees Newport Bridge Opening Brochure (Source: Teesside Archives)