Opening the eyes of the next generation to the opportunities here, in the Tees Valley.

To inspire and open the eyes of the next generation is incredibly important, not only to teach them about the logistics industry but to showcase the incredible opportunities here in the Tees Valley.

It is no secret the Tees valley is impacted by a skills drain, with education leavers migrating from the region to explore opportunities. 

However, the Tees Valley is a hotbed of opportunity and Port of Middlesbrough is committed to supporting the young people of the area to support and showcase the opportunities available. This is why the company engages regularly with local education establishments, including schools, colleges and universities to conduct educational classes, guest lectures and tours of the port.

Port of Middlesbrough and AV Dawson are also proud supporters of the High Tide foundation, a charity set up to ‘inspire the Teesside of tomorrow’ by opening young people’s eyes and minds to the Tees Valley’s diverse career opportunities, providing real life work experience to improve skills, raise confidence, and build aspirations.

The company also supports The Tees Valley Logistics Academy, working in partnership with the academy to identify the needs of the logistics sector and raise awareness of the logistics sector in the Tees Valley. The aim of the academy is to tackle skills shortages in the industry by engaging with schools, offering employee engagement through site visits, mentoring and work placements.

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Lee Nesfield at Inspire2Learn - Nov 2017 Lee Nesfield at Inspire2Learn - Nov 2017
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