To mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of modern Middlesbrough, a year-long programme of events and celebrations was arranged to take place throughout 1980.

Above: The Middlesbrough 150th anniversary celebrations of 1980 (Source: The Gazette - Norman Moorsom)

The celebrations included exhibitions, a descendants’ dinner, lectures, a town parade and a Service of Thanksgiving.

On Port Darlington Day – 27 December 1980 – a plaque presented by the Middlesbrough 150 Celebrations Committee was unveiled by Miss Jane Hackworth Young to the east of the original location of the staiths to commemorate the anniversary of the historic event.

Did you know?

Alongside the public celebrations throughout 1980, a number of souvenirs and commemorative items were produced to mark the 150th anniversary. These included First Day Covers, Commemorative medals and limited-edition mugs and plates!

Above: First Day Cover, Middlesbrough 150 celebrations of 1980 (Heritage Unlocked - Norman Moorsom). This is a souvenir collectors’ piece which is why it has been postmarked with the specific date.