Video Diaries: Life on the Road as an HGV Driver

Working as an HGV driver for AV Dawson Transport provides you with a good salary, training and development opportunities, independence and the support of a family business that’s been around for over 80 years. Have a look through the videos below to hear directly from one of our drivers on what it’s like to work for AV Dawson Transport in its team of HGV drivers

Our commercial & marketing director, Charlie Nettle joins one of our drivers, Mark Edmonds, to find out what it’s like to be a driver for AV Dawson Transport. Mark willingly took Charlie with him as his apprentice for the day as the two chatted about Mark’s role.

(Charlie was not permitted to drive)

Find out about Mark outside of work

Charlie chatted to Mark while they were on the road,  about his hobbies and interests, Mark is a big “BORO” fan, and “dad’s taxi” to his teenage children.  

What’s a typical day for you?

Mark and Charlie, talk through what a typical day is like as a driver for AV Dawson Transport: early mornings, breaks, the end of the day, routines and occasional nights out sleeping in his truck.

Why do you like being a driver and working for AV Dawson Transport?

Mark has worked with AV Dawson Transport for almost 6 years. He talks with Charlie and says how happy he is, and what a great company AV Dawson Transport is to work for – “like a family.”

How often do you work away from home?

Charlie eyes up Mark’s comfy bed (after an unusually early start, for Charlie)  and other home comforts like a fridge and microwave for when sleeping out. Mark’s truck is like a “home from home.”

What do you like about the job and why did you want to be a driver?

Mark talks about the variation in his job, his dad who was also an HGV driver, and getting bored of his previous job working in a crisp factory. 

Would you prefer to work for yourself?

Mark is happy working for AV Dawson Transport, away from the pressures of being an owner driver, he is also ADR (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) qualified to transport dangerous loads – this can be a good boost to a weekly wage. 

What truck do you drive and what are the safety features?

Mark talks about his truck and the safety features in the vehicle.