FAQs - Becoming an HGV Driver

Whether you are just considering HGV driving as a new career, or are already qualified with your Class 1 HGV license, our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below will provide you with further details about becoming an HGV driver at AV Dawson Transport.

Why should I consider becoming an HGV driver?

f course it depends what you want to do in life as to whether this career option would suit you. The main benefits of the role are that you are left to work independently, and you receive a good wage, with the option to top up your wages further by doing extra hours.

Why would I want to be an HGV driver for AV Dawson Transport?

At AV Dawson Transport, you’re very much a name rather than a number. AV Dawson is one of the largest family businesses in Middlesbrough, so you have the benefits of working for a family business where everyone looks after each other but also the security of working for a large employer that’s been around for over 80 years. AV Dawson’s family values remain at the heart of everything it does. Most of our work is based in the North East which means that you are able to get home to your own family every night, but you have the option to earn more by doing night work and longer trips too. The salary package is good too – most of our drivers earn £40K to £52K.

Can I become a driver if I don’t have an HGV license?

Yes – we recognise there are not enough drivers in the industry and therefore we need to invest in developing our own. We are therefore encouraging people to come to AV Dawson Transport to undertake their driver training to get their Class 1 HGV license and pursue a career with us as an HGV driver.

Do I need to be an apprentice to get the training to get my Class 1 HGV license and how long does the training take?

AV Dawson Transport has a number of routes available to train new drivers to get their Class 1 HGV license. One option is the government funded apprenticeship, which can be used for a number of roles in our business, including driver apprenticeships. AV Dawson Transport is also able to tap into other funding which provides a safe, fast-track approach to train prospective HGV drivers. The formal apprenticeship route takes one year to complete but this alternative funding route will potentially enable a new driver to get qualified within a 3-6 month period. We will work with you to decide which is the best route for you based on your requirements, the business’ requirements and the funding options available at the time.

Does AV Dawson Transport deliver the HGV driver training?

AV Dawson Transport works closely with a third party training provider, which then accesses the funding on behalf of AV Dawson Transport and delivers the training programme for the new recruit. During you’re training programme you will also be doing work at AV Dawson’s site which will be supervised by AV Dawson Transport staff.

How old do I have to be to be an apprentice or do the training?

Other than the law that you have to be over 18 to drive on UK roads, there is no lower or upper age limit for anyone undertaking an apprenticeship or any of our current training programmes.

Do I need any prior qualifications or licences to be eligible for HGV driver training?

Other than having a UK license to drive a car or motorbike no other licenses are required. If you have over six points currently on your license or have previously had a ban from driving we would need to review your license and potentially ask you to take a medical before we could confirm if our insurance could cover you and therefore if you were eligible to undertake the training and become employed by AV Dawson Transport.

How much do I get paid while I’m an apprentice?

Depending on the training programme you take you could typically expect to receive £10 per hour while you’re training. This increases to £12 per hour basic wages for day workers and £16 per hour standard overtime. You also have the option to earn extra by doing further training so you are qualified to collect particular types of loads, such as dangerous goods. Most of our drivers earn between £40K to £52K per year.

How do we choose new recruits?

Whether you have your HGV Class 1 licence or not, AV Dawson is looking for new recruits that have the same values as the business and therefore are more likely to fit in. The business prefers to recruit for attitude rather than skills and will invest in people that want to develop in the business longer term.

How do I apply?

Just go to our vacancies page and complete the online enquiry form.